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Academic Units in the History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a developed teaching note | Dr. Mutrak Turki Shield Al-Subaie..
45.00 SAR
Accounting Information Systems A Contemporary Introduction Written by Dr. Ahmed Zakaria Zaki Osimi..
85.00 SAR
Administrative and theoretical leadership | Dr. Salah bin Moaz Al-Mayouf | The translation was reviewed by Professor Dr. Mazen Faris Al-Rasheed..
75.00 SAR
Administrative records management | Written by Dr. Muhammad Abu Bakr Abdul Rahman..
60.00 SAR
Advanced studies in managerial economics, Prof. Dr. Farouk Saleh Al-Khatib, first edition..
85.00 SAR
Al Wajeez in Fundamentals of Fiqh | Written by Dr. Abdul Karim Zidan..
40.00 SAR
Al Wajeez in the Saudi Administrative Court Written by Dr. Hassan Hashem Abu Ela..
95.00 SAR
Al Wajeez on Sources of Commitment in Light of Islamic Jurisprudence and the Civil System | Hosseini Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim | Assistant Professor of Civil Law, College of Sharia and Regulations | Taif University..
50.00 SAR
Al-Wajeez on real rights in light of Islamic jurisprudence and Saudi regulations..
75.00 SAR
almasarif al'iislamiat al'usus alnazariat waltatbiqat aleamaliat | Written by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Al-Wadi | Dr. Hussein Muhammad Samhan..
85.00 SAR
An Introduction to the Creed of the Salaf | Written by Dr. Issa bin Abdullah Al-Saadi..
18.00 SAR
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