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Principles of Economics | Micro-analysis Prof. Dr. Majid Abdullah Al-Munif..
65.00 SAR
Principles of Mathematics and its Applications in Administrative and Human Sciences | Prepared by members of the Mathematics Department, King Abdulaziz University..
160.00 SAR
Risk Management and Insurance | Dr. Eid Ahmed Abu Bakr | Dr. Walid Ismail Al-Sifu..
85.00 SAR
Saudi Commercial Law | Business merchant Commercial companies according to the New Companies Law | Prof. Dr. Ziyad Al-Qurashi..
75.00 SAR
Shining in Saudi Commercial Law | Dr. Khalid bin Abdul Qadir Mahmoud Eid..
75.00 SAR
Strategic Marketing | Dr. Abdul Rahim Ali Jaafar Al-Ghamdi
Out Of Stock
Strategic Marketing | Dr. Abdul Rahim Ali Jaafar Al-Ghamdi..
70.00 SAR
Study units in the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prepared by Dr. Mutrek bin Turki bin Daraa Al-Subaie..
60.00 SAR
An Arabic book taught at Taif University and other universities are promised..
40.00 SAR
The provisions of compliance in light of the provisions of Islamic jurisprudence and Saudi regulations | Prof. Dr. Belhadj Al-Arabi..
85.00 SAR
Two English books UNLOCK 1 | The original version | It consists of two books | with code..
265.00 SAR
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